Infinity Home Solutions works closely with select Home Décor specialists. 

Those who can be trusted to do a great job as demonstrated following years of working together. So, when it comes to producing unique furniture solutions for the home, Adam Hope Bespoke comes highly recommended. 

A great example is Alcove units 

Handmade and made from scratch: 

A team of highly experienced creative joiners led by Adam Hope, a skilled craftsman through and through. The team has decades of experience and always delivers to the clients’ requirements 

All in the Detail: 

The end results are dependent on the thorough execution of the details in the first place. All the team are perfectionists, and Adam is a hard taskmaster. Second best is not good enough. All within the budget agreed at the outset and within the pre-agreed project timeframe. 

Design through Imagination: 

Adam Hope can provide ideas and inspiration. And core to the approach is that the piece of tailormade furniture is unique and exclusive to the client. All underpinned by that drive for complete client satisfaction. 

For futher information please get in touch 


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